Creating promotional video content for Lily Blanche Jewellery…

Over the past 6 months we have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic, unique, interesting and inspiring businesses. One of these is Lily Blanche – a jewellery company dedicated to creating a collection that both surprises and delights.

Working with the team, we set off to create a promotional video that summed up their authentic and stylish products, inspired by the late Lily Blanche Sheridan – the grandmother of business owner and designer, Gillian.

Gillian’s studio is picturesque, located near her home in Stirling. Upon arrival, we knew that we had to include the studio in the video. It would mix well with the nature inspired cutaways we had planned with the model.

Step one was to set up the lights to ensure the subject was perfectly exposed for the “unboxing” section of the video. We wanted to capture as much detail as possible in the products, including the internal photographs of the locket.

We wanted the video to communicate the sentimental value that Lily Blanche provide. Getting this close up was important to show that what really makes the locket precious are the photographs inside it.

Next, we entered the studio to record a voice-over. Luckily, as a professional writer, Gillian was well prepared and had written a beautiful monologue that would accompany the promotional video.

Despite Andy looking like he is proposing here – he is in fact filming a close up of some Lily Blanche Jewellery on the model! Our location was just by the river that runs by Forth Valley college. It was during magic hour; when the sun begins to set and creates golden, cinematic lighting. Despite the sun hiding behind the clouds every so often, the shoot was a success.

After a few hours in the editing suite, we managed to create a video for Lily Blanche that captured the warmth, creativity and sentiment that the brand projects. Gillian was delighted with the result. You can watch below and visit their fantastic collection here:

“It was wonderful working with you. A highly professional and fun team. Would really recommend.”

GIllian – Lily Blanche