It's not viral unless it is

What are the key pitfalls many businesses experience in relation to their social media presence?

  • Not having a social media presence at all
  • No clear marketing strategy to drive social media messaging
  • Have no social interaction with their audience
  • Poor handling of complaints or “negative” comments on their social media pages

Social media can be used very effectively by many businesses, Business to Business or Business to Consumer. The key aspect is utilising the right channel for your business.

focus on how to be social, not how to do social

What we can do

Assess your current business & any social media activities

Create a proposal based on your current and future customer needs

7 days per week monitoring

Constantly generate creative and imaginative content

Provide Social Media training and full support on content and interaction

"Nowadays, Social Media is the easiest place to find something"
~ David Nail