How we helped national brand Malcolm Allan launch their brand new product...

“It’s unusual to get a low-fat sausage that actually tastes like a sausage”

We were filming a tasting session for Malcolm Allan’s new lower fat products with a Scottish Slimmers’ class and one person said “I think I was expecting there to be something missing, but there’s not.”

In the wake of the Porky Lights scandal, in which scientists and tabloids revealed that their “Low Fat” sausages had 3 times as much fat than stated on the label, here was an opportunity for Malcolm Allan to come out with a product which both tasted great and had real healthier option benefits. This is what they did.

Two new products were about to hit the shelves, the Scottish Slimmer’s Pork Sausages (62 calories per link) and Steak Sausages (59 calories per link).

As long time collaborators with Malcolm Allan, we were tasked with the challenge of coming up with an effective online marketing strategy to promote the brand new sausages. This was a real opportunity to help establish this offering as one of their most popular products. How do we get people talking about it?

Our team organised a meeting at the Crunchy Carrots office in March, one month until the launch date. Our aim was to come up with an online digital strategy, brainstorm some ideas for taglines, slogans, visual content, videos, photography and anything we thought may have an impact.

As our ideas flowed we realised that we had 3 themes we kept returning to again and again. We categorised them, and it ultimately became the title of our marketing strategy.

The 3 H’s. Hype, Health and Humour.


Creating a buzz around the product was a priority in the days up to the launch. We wanted to create a sense of mystery. We did this by posting images of a calendar, checking off the days until the launch date. This created a curiosity amongst followers, who commented with their own theories.

By keeping the details of the new product ambiguous whilst subtly suggesting what it could be, this created a sense of anticipation.

These types of posts had a modest amount of engagement, but it was our reveal video that truly kick-started the campaign.

This video revealing the new product had a total of 16,300 impressions (seen 16,300 times, which was 132% of the Malcolm Allan’s page ‘Likes’) The ‘hype’ here was built on the fact that the sausages were NEW and limited stock was available in selected stores.

We received many private messages on Facebook of pictures of empty shelves in ASDA stores across the country.

This highlighted how ‘in-demand’ the product was at the time of the launch. We used these images to create even more buzz surrounding the sausages. In return we would hear stories of customers driving to the next closest town to buy them!

The ‘hype’ machine was integral part of the marketing campaign, in fact it proved most effective throughout the month – a picture of an empty shelf would get a higher than average reach and engagement.


The second H we concentrated on when marketing this product was its obvious health benefits.

As it was clearly in association with the Scottish Slimmers organisation, we marketed the product towards a health conscious, female audience.

Malcolm Allan’s Facebook demographics showed that 81% of fans were female, the biggest age group being between 35 and 54.

The content we created was all about easily digestible information.

Here we focused on the unique selling point of the lower fat sausages.

The low calories, the ‘Checks’ and the ‘Feel Good Points’ (Scottish Slimmers measuring system). The benefits of tagging Scottish Slimmers into the post meant that they would share to their own page, causing a ripple effect across social media where users would then share on the information to their friends and family.

The team visited a Scottish Slimmers class and filmed the reactions of a tasting session.

This video proved popular with users because it displayed real people trying, tasting, testing and enjoying the product.

We wanted to film this shoot naturally, with no scripts to read from, these were authentic reactions.


Humour is a great way of engaging users on Social Media. This is significantly increased when the content is worth sharing and encourages people to ‘Like’ the posts.

We used cartoon style illustrations to create fun, eye-catching images for Facebook and Instagram.

Although some posts did really well (see above), we found that this had, surprisingly, the least impact of the 3 H’s campaign.

Post campaign, we realised we did not focus the humour to suit the Malcolm Allan demographics as well as we could have, or the followers were simply more likely to share a post with health information.


At the end of 2017, Malcolm Allan featured in the Top Scottish Brands in 3rd place for the Non-Alcoholic food and beverage brands, just behind Graham’s The Family Dairy and Irn Bru.

For their two-page spread, our team was asked to come up with the promotional advert for the Scottish Brands 2017 magazine.

The product has been a huge success for Malcolm Allan in 2017 and it continues to be a hit with customers looking for that same great taste, with lower fat and salt.

Crunchy Carrots were delighted to help create a social media marketing campaign that proved to be successful in both the short term and the long term.


“The team at Crunchy Carrots did a superb job of marketing the launch of the new ‘Scottish Slimmmers’ sausages range and to establish it as a popular product amongst our customers.

Their campaign on social media and digital print helped us to successfully market to our core audience. We are looking forward to collaborating on further projects in the future!


Gordon Allan
Managing Director
Malcolm Allan Family Butchers