Boost Your Online Visibility with Expert PPC Management

Crunchy Carrots is the agency you can trust to accelerate your business growth – because let’s face it, if you haven’t ventured into PPC yet, your business is missing out.


We create tailored paid advertising campaigns designed to boost your brand awareness and support your business goals. You might be considering PPC for the first time, or want to refine an existing campaign for improved return on investment – either way, our expert team makes the complex seem simple by focusing on what your business needs, and how we can best deliver it.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It’s a type of online advertising where you pay each time a user clicks on one of your ads, whether it’s placed on a search engine results page or social media platforms. Crunchy Carrots are experts in placing and managing optimised ads across platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, X, and Gmail.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management and Optimisation

Our PPC strategy isn’t a one size fits all type of affair. We partner with clients to build a bespoke PPC strategy centred around your budget, business strategy, and specific objectives. Running a full expert analysis, we’ll recommend a blend of the best strategies to build your business, from paid search ads to Facebook ads to paid social campaigns.


We’re masters in complete PPC campaign delivery, including comprehensive keyword research, engaging ad copywriting, and strategic bid management, all designed to attract and engage your target audience, maximising conversions on behalf of your business, every single day.

Complete Campaign Management

Basic setup is part of our service – but nobody would ever call Crunchy Carrots basic! We continuously monitor and optimise your campaigns for peak performance and maximum ROI. This includes:


  • Keyword Refinement: Adjusting keywords to better target interested audiences
  • Ad Copy Enhancement: Developing compelling messages that encourage clicks
  • Bid Optimisation: Strategically managing bids for cost-effective results
  • Performance Analysis: Detailed analytics to track success and guide future strategies

Benefits Of Advanced Paid Search Marketing

The world of digital advertising can seem complex and mysterious, so take advantage of our expertise in cutting-edge PPC methods, including:

  • Remarketing: Reconnecting with users who have previously interacted with your site but not yet converted
  • Display Advertising: Strategically placing first-class creative ads on web platforms to capture potential customers
  • Lookalike Audience: Growing your audience by targeting attributes of your existing customers
  • Shopping Ads: Directly promoting your products in search results to enhance e-commerce performance

PPC For Business Growth

Crunchy Carrots delivers noticeable improvements in traffic, conversion rates, and sales through targeted digital advertising. We’re committed to driving significant growth for your business through meticulously crafted and creative PPC campaigns.

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